Infinity Life 11 & 12


Chapter 11

As I stood in front of them. Listening to what they were talking about, I started wondering can I really get myself to manifest in front of them and what they were saying is it true and Can I really communicate with them . I wouldn’t know if I wold never try so concentrated so hard to have him feel my touch on his face. I really want to feel him. He has some power over me that I don’t understand. I need for him to see me and for I will keep practicing to do it and maybe he can hear me next time.

Chapter 12

Its hard to explain, I can swear I seem her like she wanted me to see her then. But the touch she did on y face was like I knew her for a long time and I just can not stop thinking about her. I need to know more about her and of ghost. But the touch she did on my face was like I knew her for a long time and I just can stop thinking about her. I need to know more about her and of ghost. But first I will work on getting the electricity on in the house like my brother said. I looked over to him and ask when he wants to get started and he said we can get it going now, I just have to make a couple of phones calls and have the electric company out in a couple of hours along with heating and pluming. But my brothers don’t forget what tonight is. I had to stop and thinking want is tonight and it hit me the full moon. How did that slipped my mind?

Infinity Life Chapter 9, 10

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Chapter 9

I was standing on the stairs looking at the place I once loved and felt lonely. How I would love to move out of this part my life but at the same time wishing I was still alive.I heard the door open and I looked around the corner to the front door and he was standing in my door way. Just the look of him made me so excited this time he was not alone, he brought same one with him. He is shorter,   with dark hair and eyes that all most black. They both look similar I wonder then if they were related. As they enter into my home it sound like they said my name and I wonder why. I came down the stairs and stand in front of them to hear what they where saying by then stop like the knew I was there.

Chapter 10

I ask my brother to come with me to the house. As we walked in, he was telling me more about the history of the place there was a change in the air. It felt that same one was right there with us. I said do you feel that to my brother? and he say yes, we are not alone. With us been sensitive we can pick up on other energy. If she is here  and we can get the electric back on  that will help her to draw power from it to help us to see her. With the running water behind the house is made with granted helps us to sense and with a little more energy for her to draw off on we can be committed with her no time soon.

Infinity Life Chapter 7-8


                                                         Chapter Seven

As I looked out the window, I wonder why I can’t stop thinking about the guy from yesterday. It’s been a long time since some one step foot in here. They were afraid of this place and of the stories.

This guy was different, he was not afraid and it feels like I see me. He as my mid rally wondering around today and more curious I get. I don’t know why am doing this to myself.  He or no one will step in here again and the thought made me sad. I really would like to see him again same thing about him is different from anyone I have meet and really want to know more about but how if am a ghost he will never see me or hear me around him. Right then I wish things could be different for me.


                                                           Chapter Eight

I drove over to my brother place already to get this day started with. He been around long then I have been. Once I got there I went in to the building right to his office and he was thee sitting behind his desk already working. I swear h gets less sleep than I do and always on the go, I walked up to him and took a sit in from of him. I handed him everything we had started talk about the shape of the hose how it will be good profit for his business.

Then I had to bring up the house and ask him what is the story behind it and why it been sitting vacant for so long. He said over 50 years there was a young lady Leah Miller that built the house. Everyone knows her by her looks. She lights up the room where ever she went. Most of her life she did modeling but the passion was art and the work she did was like looking at life in new eyes and work. She was getting to be known more from her art then her real work. The day she finished building the house she thought a party and lots of people to come even same she didn’t knew.

That night a guy name Ralph came in the house yelling and shooting people there.  He came in to kill Rob and at the time she was there be said that guy and got in the cross fire.


Infinity Life Chapter 5-6


                                                     Chapter Five

Once I had control of my body again I seen him leaving and was glad he was gone because I want to be along. I know I cannot be seen but same how he make feel that I can.

This day has been the hardest and am glad I only have to go through this once a year. I don’t feel like I will ever move on. That I am trap to be here till the world ends then I still don’t know if I can ever move on.

Missing talking to same one any one being touch by another person being seen. But I cannot let myself think that way. There is nothing I can do so why should I myself upset about it. I have to keep up strong because I know if I start crying I will not stop.


                                                         Chapter Six

In the morning I started to develop the pictures I took yesterday. The first ones was done in the big room that was all damage. I look at them and seen what looks like women in the rom but I know I was there. Then I remember taking the pictures of outside of the bay window were I thought I seen a woman there.

I’m glad the other film to develop t but nothing show up in that set. I started wonder if there was same thing there in the house so I put the video of the room on the TV to watch it. I looks like dust flying everywhere but how the move and it was light that it remained me of orbs. This’s not my expertise about ghost but I knew there was one there.

I will pull everything I have together and show my brother he’s the one that knows more about this. I should do research of this place to but now it has my mind wondering and I want to go back to see but for now my brother first because I told him I be there before the morning is over.

Infinity Life Chapters 3-4


                         Chapter Three

I looked down the staircase watching him come inside the front door. He reached out to the light switch to turn it on but the power been disconnected. He cussed underneath his breath and said it’s a good thing he brought extra batteries. He was tall, dark hair and baby that no woman can resist. I wonder why he is here and started unpacking his equipment and before I could do anything the sun sitting in the window and hit the hole in the wall it’s time and I tried to fight it. I don’t want to relive this over again but my body was being pulled by a visible line.

Down the staircase I was forced to go in the ballrooms where the party took place. I was dancing and here the music that was playing that night. I want to stop to run out of here. I new was going to happen next.

I hard the door open and people started to scream and running to get away from the room. In walk this guy i have never seen before with these crazy eyes, blond hair.There was three gun fires he was screaming saying you have ruined my life and now you going to pay. The first shot the Mayor of Town , the second one was the guy I was dancing with and I was the third victim.

The pain in my chest that making it hard to breath and all I see was blood everywhere I look and then I started coughing up blood and couldn’t feel my body anymore.I heard the sirens coming from the distance but was already to late.

                         Chapter Four

I barely got all my equipment set up when i started hearing music. I look around but couldn’t find where it is coming from. I walked in a big room that like where would of done event in or same kind of gathering. The room was destroy and the only place that was damage in the whole house. Hole in the wall, the Chandelier it was broken, curtains rip to shred,, and glass all over the floor.

It be the most expensive room in the house fixed. I started to take pictures while the video was running in the corner of the room. We can get better idea of the work we have and where each photos. The video would show me the exact location and give me a better idea to draw out the plans to rebuild.

I heard what sounded like guns shots but couldn’t find out where they were coming from. But this room is my last room to work in and it’s started to get dark. I need to start cleaning up my things and get going before the full moon comes out.